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Through the distinguished Lansing-based lobbying firm of Muchmore-Harrington-Smalley, the association works with the legislative and executive branches of state government. MARO advocates for legislation and policies that increase vocational opportunities for persons with disabilities and other barriers to employment. MARO meets frequently with officials from the Department of  Health and Human Services to promote the services provided by its members. MARO also provides training and resources for members to develop their grass roots lobbying skills.

MARO sponsors frequent seminars and conferences addressing current trends and practices in the field of rehabilitation. Recent topics have included Job Development & Coaching, Benefits Planning and Coordination, Micro-Enterprise Development, CARF Standards, and Wage & Hour Compliance. The association holds an annual Spring Management Conference and is the co-sponsor and manager of re:con – the convention of new beginnings.

The MARO Update provides members with topical information on issues affecting their organizations including legislation and policies, grants, seminars, meetings and employment opportunities. The Update is sent via e-mail to MARO members on a weekly basis.  We also offer Website & Social Media Evaluations  for FULL MEMBERS

The Leadership Academy is a professional development program targeting employees who demonstrate leadership potential, commitment to the future of our industry, and a strong drive to achieve greater levels of responsibility.

Workers’ Compensation Coverage: MARO administers a self-funded, group workers’ compensation program. In operation since 1988, it has saved members millions of dollars in premium costs for worker comp coverage.

MARO staff provide safety training for organizations working with people with disabilities and other barriers to employment. Topics include:
Bloodborne Pathogens, Ergonomics, Job Safety Analysis, Safety Committee Activities, Right to Know as well as others. This service is free to MARO members. Contact Gloria McMullan at the MARO office to schedule a training in your agency.

Technical Assistance is usually only a phone call away. MARO staff have a wealth of professional experience in the areas of direct service provision, public policy formulation, program administration, occupational health and safety and legislative advocacy.


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