TLC Cohort List (PDF)

Leadership is a journey, not a destination.  Good leaders are always seeking to sharpen their skills and increase performance. Take your leadership to the next level!  TLC is designed exclusively for graduates of the MARO Leadership Academy who are ready to advance their knowledge and skills as leaders.  This comprehensive series will allow participants to take a deep dive into four key areas of leadership.

Session 1-Defining Leadership

How will your leadership define you as a leader?   Examine the past and shape the future.  Individual goal setting, accountability and evaluation will be explored and discussed.   Lead with intention!

Outcome objectives:

  • Individual Leadership Vision Statement
  • Actionable goals for the sessions and beyond
  • Increased understanding of each individuals’ currents skills and talents as a leader
  • Plan for growth

Session 2-Transformational Leadership

How will you anticipate and adapt to the ever-changing environment in which you lead?  How will you lead change and inspire followership? How will you continue to grow and be a model of leadership excellence?  Lead with confidence!

Outcome objectives:

  • Understand policy and changes impacting our association
  • Understanding of the impact of change in our organizations
  • Tips, skills and tools for leading complex change
  • Personal growth and transformation

Session 3-Practical Leadership

How does leadership impact you and others around you daily?  How do you balance future vision with daily management?  All levels of policy, governance and management will be explored.  Lead with purpose!

Outcome Objectives:

  • Understanding of skills and behaviors that impact day to day team outcomes
  • Gain tips and tools for effective team management
  • Plan for immediate application
  • Share best practices

Session 4-Influential Leadership

How will you lead with intention?  How will you influence others to share your vision and goals?  How do other effective leaders do this? What resources are available to you for support, encouragement and accountability?  What evidence is there that you lead with quality, substance and integrity?

Outcome objectives:

  • Cement the bond that has grown between participants
  • Understand how to lead with strength and influence
  • Wrap up on-going discussions and activities

Additional Information

TLC will limit the number of participants to maximize the ability for deep discussion, relationship building and customized session content.  Apply early for the best chance of being accepted into this year’s group.

Each session will include topical presentation and discussion, case studies, and opportunities for each member to bring current leadership issues and challenges to the group for input and guidance.  Sessions 2-4 will address objectives as outlined above and will also include topics and materials customized to address the interests and needs of the group.

Homework and additional work outside of the sessions will be included.  While the expectation is a rigorous and quality outcome, outside assignments will be manageable within the timeframe of the sessions.

Community of Practice

Graduates and current participants of MARO’s The Leadership Continuum can join our online Community of Practice to discuss hot topics, advice, feedback, collaboration and best practices. Click here to visit the COP.